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Massage can be a long-lasting pain relief treatment for headaches, especially tension-type headaches. Gina McCafferty has taken extensive continuing education and has several years of professional medical experience in the use of massage to treat headache pain.

A recurring tension-type headache is a headache that occurs more than 10 times per month and gets worse as the day progresses. People with tension-type headaches usually do not have the auras associated with a migraine.

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When you come to see Gina for headache pain relief, you will be asked a series of questions to help her understand the cause of your pain. For example: How aften do you have them? Did the headaches start suddenly? Did they start following a fall or Motor Vehicle Accident? When did they start? Do you wake up with them, or do they get worse as the day progresses? Gina will take a look at postural considerations, too, as often structural shifts in the body can cause postural imbalances leading to tight muscle fibers and trigger points that refer pain into the head.

Many of the headaches Gina works on come from trigger points in muscles. The trigger point may or may not be exactly where the pain is felt, but can refer pain to that area. Take a look at the Sternocleidomastoid (SCM) muscle for example:

The trigger points here can refer pain above the eye, into the jaw, into the sternum, behind the ear, and the top of the head. The SCM is a postural muscle that is an important player in forward head postures. It can also contribute to vertigo. Some clinicians use the angle of the SCM to diagnose head forward position.

These are just a few examples of muscles in the head and neck that can give rise to repeated headaches. A massage therapist who specializes in results-oriented treatment can help release the trigger points and restore your muscles to a more normal resting length so you can enjoy a pain-free lifestyle once again.

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