Gina McCafferty, L.M.T.
Therapeutic Massage for Pain Relief
Shoulder Pain

Are you one of the many people seeking relief from shoulder pain? Advanced soft-tissue massage may provide the non-invasive pain relief and improved range-of-motion you are looking for!

Gina McCafferty, LMT specializes in massage as a soft-tissue intervention that can provide pain relief and better range of motion from shoulder pain due to a variety of causes:

  • functional pain and weakness due to overuse and other injuries,
  • inflamed tendons, muscle resting length not optimal
  • trigger points that refer pain,
  • nerve entrapment and/or compression
  • and structural shifts

all of which can create uneven muscle tone within the shoulder muscles.

Rotator cuff, Tight Traps, Swimmers shoulder, Forward head posture, Thoracic outlet syndrome, Carpal tunnel symptoms... these are all situations in which people have found advanced soft-tissue therapy to be helpful.

If you are experiencing shoulder pain and discomfort along with a limited range-of-motion, consider results-oriented bodywork with a qualified massage therapist.





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