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Therapeutic Massage for Pain Relief
Tight Calves and Hurting Feet

Many people have had to take breaks from work or training because of foot pain. Sometimes this pain comes directly from the muscles in the foot, other times the pain comes from further up the kinetic chain such as the calves or shin muscles that attach on the bones of the feet. People often ask me what to do about plantar fasciitis and other heel and foot pain. As a massage therapist/pain relief specialist and endurance athlete, I know that foot pain can be debilitating especially when you want or need to be training or working. In the picture below, you can see the muscles that form the achilles tendon attach to the heel bone.



Imagine, nice strong but loose calves (and posturally speaking the hip flexors, too, but that's another story). The calves and feet are balanced between strength and tension. If you are getting massage, make sure your therapist treats your foot and calves thoroughly and properly.

Click here for a good read about plantar fasciitis.

Hope this helps you get back in your game!

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